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PermitTrax is a complete permit tracking software suite to automate the permitting process so you can better serve today's citizens.  Bitco Software is at least the second in our industry, only trailing behind our competitors because they all seem to claim to be the leaders.


PermitTrax is a web-based software suite packaged and sold as either a SaaS (Software as a Service) or On-Premise solution.  Bitco Software provides a unique design and solution for permitting, licensing, code enforcement and other types of tracking needs at an unbeatable price.  At Bitco Software, we do things different!

Our product suite PermitTrax is a complete package containing a set of tools specifically designed for municipal agencies tasked with the responsibility of managing permits, licenses, projects, code enforcement cases, and other associated activities and is priced as a complete application with no add-on module costs.  You get it all!

Included as a suite of solutions and included in the cost you have access to our Citizens Connect Portal for permit status, online applications and payments, upload portal for documents and plans as well as a mobile application for in-field inspections.  We can even provide connections to GIS, Financial and Document management system at no additional cost.

Check out PermitTrax and integrate our software into your departments to track Building Permits, Code Enforcement, Business License, Pre-Application Meetings, Special Events, Right of Way Permits, Planning and Land Use Applications, Pet Licensing, Contractor Licensing, Health Permits, Public Records Request, Water and Sewer Permits.  If you need to track it, PermitTrax can do it!  

Do not take our word for it!  Please call and talk with our current customers.  Trust me, if they do not like our software they will tell you, and of course they will tell you what they like.  Download our customer reference document as it contains a list of all our current customers, not just a hand picked few.

Permit Tracking Software

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