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Community Development Software

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Community Development Software

Made Simple


PermitTrax is your ultimate permit tracking software, offering seamless monitoring of permits from application to final inspection. Our comprehensive suite of modules efficiently tracks various permit types, from building permits to fire permits. With a highly configurable system, PermitTrax caters to your unique requirements, adapting to your specific application processes and tracking needs. Say goodbye to tedious permit management and embrace the efficiency and ease that PermitTrax brings to your organization.

Citizens Connect

Meet Citizens Connect, the user-friendly public access portal included in the PermitTrax suite. Effortlessly track permit progress, request inspections, upload files, apply for permits, and make online payments – all at your citizens' fingertips. This powerful tool boosts efficiency throughout the permitting process, benefiting both your citizens and organization. Streamline interactions with the public and elevate overall efficiency with Citizens Connect, your gateway to a seamless permit management experience.


PermitTrax Mobile

Introducing PermitTrax Mobile Application, the ultimate solution for efficient in-field inspections on your Apple iPad. Seamlessly synchronize all your inspections for the day using either the store and forward method or an online cellular connection device, granting access to real-time data. Streamline the process by emailing comments and annotated images directly from the field, enhancing inspection workflow. Stay connected to your data and revolutionize in-field inspections for optimal productivity with the power of PermitTrax Mobile Application.

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Hosted Software for Governments and Agencies

PermitTrax is the ultimate solution for permit tracking software, offering a comprehensive suite of modules that seamlessly monitor permits from application to final inspection. Track various permits, from building permits to business licenses, with ease and efficiency. Our highly configurable system is tailored to your specific application processes and tracking needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your organization. Embrace the efficiency and ease of PermitTrax, bid farewell to tedious permit management, and propel your organization forward.

Building Permitting

Accept and issue complete building permits online, conduct mobile inspections in the field, and notify applicants when their permit or inspection status changes. 

Planning and Zoning

Circulate and accept complete planning applications, communicate with applicants, and issue land use permits.

Business Licensing

Renew and issue business licenses to business owners, sort documents, and accept online and over-the-counter payments.

Code Enforcement

Accept and track code complaint cases, keep track of important dates, conduct in-field inspections, issue violation letters and notices.


Celebrating 20 Years of
Bitco Software

At Bitco Software, our journey has been defined by innovation, dedication, and a passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions. Over the past two decades, we have continuously evolved to stay at the forefront of technology, providing our clients with the most advanced software solutions tailored to their needs. As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers and partners who have been an integral part of our success story. Join us in commemorating 20 years of excellence, and we look forward to continuing our journey together, pushing boundaries, and shaping the future of software innovation.

Bitco Software Celebrating 20 Years

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