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Code Enforcement

Accept and track code complaint cases, keep track of important dates, conduct in-field inspections, issue violation letters and notices.

Code enforcement officer

PermitTrax was created with powerful capabilities designed to simplify the management of code enforcement cases:

  • Complaint Submission: PermitTrax allows citizens and city officials to conveniently submit code enforcement complaints online through Citizens Connect or PermitTrax, streamlining the complaint intake process.

  • Complaint Reviews: Efficiently manage and prioritize code enforcement complaints with the help of automated reviews, ensuring timely action on valid complaints.

  • Digital Documentation Management: Code enforcement officers can upload and manage investigation-related documentation digitally, including photos, reports, and supporting evidence.

  • Notice Generation: PermitTrax makes it easy to generate violation notices, ensuring accuracy and consistency in issuing notices to responsible parties.

  • Compliance Timelines: The software can enable the establishment of clear compliance deadlines, ensuring that violators have a defined timeframe to address and correct violations.

  • Reinspection Scheduling: Easily schedule and manage reinspection appointments to verify compliance. Streamline the reinspection process and track results efficiently.

  • Escalation Tracking: Track the progression of cases that require escalated actions, such as legal proceedings, fines, or penalties for unresolved violations.

  • Robust Records Management: Maintain comprehensive records of code enforcement cases, including photos, inspection reports, notices, and communication logs.

  • Public Portal Access: PermitTrax offers our public-facing portal Citizens Connect for residents to access information on code enforcement cases, promoting transparency and accountability.

  • Scheduled Hearings Management: PermitTrax can help keep track of scheduled hearings or meetings related to code enforcement disputes, appeals, or resolution discussions.​

  • Reporting Tools: Utilize advanced reporting and ad-hoc features to gain insights into trends, performance metrics, and compliance levels, facilitating data-driven decisions.

  • Legal Action Tracking: Monitor legal actions taken against non-compliant parties, including court proceedings or property liens, within the software.​

  • Streamlined Appeal Process: Facilitate the formal appeal process, tracking enforcement decisions or penalties while navigating the appeals procedure effectively.

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