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Planning & Zoning

Circulate and accept complete planning applications, communicate with applicants, schedule reviews, and issue land use permits.

Site Plans / Construction Plans

PermitTrax was created with powerful capabilities designed to simplify the management of planning and zoning permits:

  • Effortless Application Submission: Seamlessly submit planning and zoning permit applications, including project details, land use intentions, and relevant documentation.

  • Streamlined Review and Analysis: PermitTrax aids city planners and zoning officials in reviewing applications, ensuring alignment with land use regulations, zoning codes, and urban planning guidelines.

  • Enhanced Public Notification: Depending on regulations, PermitTrax facilitates the issuance of public notice letters, effectively informing neighboring residents and stakeholders about proposed projects.

  • Zoning Compliance Verification: Verify the project's adherence to zoning ordinances and regulations within PermitTrax, ensuring harmony with the intended land use.

  • Integrated Environmental Assessment: PermitTrax enables the execution of environmental assessments to evaluate potential project impacts on the surrounding environment.

  • Efficient Community Input: Manage public hearings or community meetings within PermitTrax, gathering invaluable input and feedback from residents and stakeholders.

  • Swift Permit Approval: Upon meeting all requirements, PermitTrax expedites the approval of planning and zoning permits, authorizing the intended land use.

  • Comprehensive Site Inspections: Schedule, manage, and document site inspections within PermitTrax, ensuring project alignment with approved permits.

  • Effective Compliance Monitoring: PermitTrax supports ongoing compliance monitoring, guaranteeing that projects maintain alignment with approved plans and zoning regulations.

  • Seamless Project Modifications: If project changes are required, utilize PermitTrax to facilitate modification requests, ensuring streamlined review and approval.

  • Final Approval and Certification: Conclude the planning and zoning permit process with confidence through PermitTrax, achieving final approval and certification.

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