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Online Public Access 24/7

Providing 24/7 access to the public on information regarding permits and community development is of paramount importance in today's transparent and interconnected world. It fosters a sense of transparency, accountability, and community engagement. This accessibility empowers citizens, businesses, and stakeholders to stay informed about ongoing development projects and permitting processes in their area. 


Citizens Connect is a user-friendly portal that simplifies information retrieval, making it easier for the public to access vital data, ultimately promoting a more informed and engaged community. Choosing a software solution that comes equipped with a public access portal for tracking permits is a cornerstone of modern governance, enhancing transparency and fostering collaboration between local governments and the communities they serve.

Features at Your Finger Tips

Citizens Connect creates a direct link between your agency's department and the constituents you serve. Allowing public access to permit data is vital to a healthy community.  Turning on features within Citizens Connect enables local governments to better communicate with the public, and in turn, helps them stay connected to their community. 

Citizens can view permits and the associated information about construction in their community.  Instead of gathering documents for public information requests, allow your residents to search and find all the relevant information online.

You can let contractors and citizens apply online for permits and permit-related functions easily from home.  You can even let them pay their fees online.  Long gone are the days of going to city hall and waiting in line to process a permit application.  Let users do it from home and track the progress of their permits.  Let them schedule inspections, upload documents, and see the results.

The Active Permits Map is a great tool that gives the public an easy-to-see map that utilizes GIS to view all active permits within your agency's jurisdiction. The map can be filtered down by permit type to help the public find the permits they want to see.

Citizens Connect Active Permits Map

The Citizens Connect portal offers a robust search functionality. Citizens can search for permits based on permit type, a specific permit number, and the address the project is taking place on or between a specific date range the permit was applied for. 

Citzens Connect Search Module

Enabling online uploads for applicants to submit essential files such as site plans and supporting documents is pivotal for optimizing your permit processes. Citizens Connect offers a dedicated Upload Portal feature, allowing the public to effortlessly attach the necessary documentation directly to their permits. Our Upload Portal supports a variety of file formats, including PDF, JPEG, and PNG, making the process user-friendly and efficient.

Citizens Connect Upload Portal

Streamlining inspection scheduling has never been more convenient! Citizens Connect offers seamless online inspection scheduling. Applicants can log in, effortlessly identify the required inspections for their project, schedule them with a simple click, and view upcoming inspection appointments. The real-time integration with Permittrax ensures instant updates, keeping users well-informed and in the loop with ease.

Citizens Connect Inspection Scheduling

Facilitating online permit applications is essential for a user-friendly public-facing permitting portal. With Citizens Connect, our online permits feature can be easily configured to align with your agency's specific requirements. You can seamlessly offer online permit applications for a range of permit types, including building permits, land use applications, code complaints, public works permits, event permits, and more. Citizens Connect simplifies the process of gathering the necessary information for permit issuance, all while maintaining a user-friendly and easily understandable application procedure.

Citizens Connect Online Permits

"My Permits" is a feature within Citizens Connect designed to promote transparency by allowing the public to effortlessly track the permits that are most relevant to them. Users can easily maintain their "My Permits" list, adding or removing permits with a simple click, ensuring a transparent and user-centric experience. 

Citizens Connect My Permits

Simplifying the payment process for permits is now a breeze with Citizens Connect. Our public-facing portal seamlessly facilitates online payments via debit/credit cards for permits. Payments can be made at the time of submission, complete with the capability to generate invoices for specific fee amounts. Additionally, easily issue receipts and receive real-time notifications for all payments made on permits, enhancing the convenience and transparency of online payments.

Citizens Connect Online Payments
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