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What is PermitTrax?

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Software Features You Need And Love

Experience the power of our top-notch permit-tracking software for efficient community development. With the ability to issue permits and schedule inspections online, streamline your processes and transform your community's development. Discover the features our clients love the most – reach out to explore why our community development solution is a true game-changer. Maximize productivity and propel your community development to new heights with our cutting-edge permit-tracking software.

Introducing PermitTrax

PermitTrax is an innovative web-based permit-tracking software that operates entirely within a web browser, leveraging Microsoft technologies to offer a comprehensive solution for tracking government-regulated processes. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation and seamless multi-tasking, setting it apart from other permit software products.


With PermitTrax, you can efficiently manage and monitor permits in an intuitive format, enhancing your organization's efficiency in serving citizens. Our unique design allows for easy system configuration, tailoring the software to meet your specific needs of processes and procedures, further streamlining your permit management workflow. Embrace PermitTrax and elevate your permit-tracking capabilities to new heights!

Efficiently monitor mandatory inspections, seamlessly schedule them, and input comments and images of inspection outcomes. Keep tabs on inspection durations, enabling comprehensive reports on total times for enhanced oversight.

PermitTrax Inspection Module

Utilizing our integrated document editor, we have the capability to effortlessly generate a wide range of documents merged with data. This encompasses permits, licenses, letters, certificates, and more.

PermitTrax offers a range of reporting options, including our standard reports and exclusive Data Extractor tool. Craft customized reports with desired data and filters, exporting them directly as Excel Spreadsheets or visualizing them on the GIS Map. After setup, easily retrieve essential data using the data extractor, ensuring hassle-free generation of monthly or annual reports at the click of a button.

PermitTrax Report Creator

Effortlessly incorporate GIS capabilities into PermitTrax by utilizing ESRI Feature layers. Leverage the GIS features within PermitTrax to validate property presence within your jurisdiction and initiate the permit process directly from the map interface.

PermitTrax GIS Module

Streamline fee calculations for permits, factoring in permit type and data from custom fields or valuation. Simplify payments using our cashier module, ensuring smooth credit card transactions and automatically adding convenience fees when needed. Enhance payment convenience with online invoices that enable customers to conveniently make partial payments.

PermitTrax Fee Function

Efficiently allocate reviews to your users and enable optional email notifications for assigned reviews. Utilize the integrated review clock to monitor the review process seamlessly. Experience integrated electronic plan review, all conducted directly within the web browser using ePlanSoft's advanced e-PlanREVIEW platform.

PermitTrax Review Function

Effortlessly link documents or images to permits, parcels, addresses, or contractors within the system. Customize the visibility of these attachments by keeping them private and hidden from the public.

PermitTrax Attachments Function

Collaborate seamlessly with your team by attaching messages to permits and communicating with other members. You can also add messages related to addresses, parcels, or contractors, which can be inherited by new permits. Additionally, exercise control by placing locks or holds on permits to prevent actions until specific conditions are met.

PermitTrax Messages Function

Effortlessly duplicate an existing permit to create a new one, saving valuable time and eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

PermitTrax Cloning Feature

Experience a user-friendly interface that employs a dashboard to display assigned reviews, a historical reference of viewed permits, and user notifications. Additionally, users possess the capability to customize their workspace by adjusting the environment's colors to suit their preferences.

PermitTrax Dashboard

One Solution for All Departments

Bitco Software recognizes the significance of a permitting software that can be uniquely tailored to the requirements of diverse departments such as Building, Public Works, Code Enforcement, Planning, and Zoning.


Acknowledging the intricate needs and processes of these units, PermitTrax acknowledges that a generic solution falls short. PermitTrax's customizable permitting software empowers each department to shape the system according to their specific workflows, regulations, and data management preferences. This adaptability not only enhances efficiency but also fosters uniformity, precision, and collaboration among different teams.


With the capacity to personalize features, fields, and workflows, PermitTrax transforms into a versatile tool, enabling each department to operate efficiently and productively, thereby contributing to a more cohesive and thriving organization overall.

Department Solutions

Building Permitting

Accept and issue complete building permits online, conduct mobile inspections in the field, and notify applicants when their permit or inspection status changes. 

Planning and Zoning

Circulate and accept complete planning applications, communicate with applicants, and issue land use permits.

Business Licensing

Renew and issue business licenses to business owners, sort documents, and accept online and over-the-counter payments.

Code Enforcement

Accept and track code complaint cases, keep track of important dates, conduct in-field inspections, issue violation letters and notices.

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