The PermitTrax Suite

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PermitTrax Screen Shots

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The Dashboard


The heart of PermitTrax is the Dashboard which provides the user with all the information needed to get their work done.  Easily see what projects are assigned, their history of recent work and notifications.


Easily navigate through the system, run quick reports, quick searches and even customize the look of the application.


Advanced users can easily customize the look and features available to make thier jobs easier.



PermitTrax can be configured to track many types of permits including Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire, Health, Code Enforcement, Public Works, Engineering, Business License, Special Events, Public Records Requests, etc...


The unique Multiple Document design allows the user to view multiple permits at one time and using an advanced scripting engine PermitTrax can calculate any complex fee structure.  Automating these steps will free up valuable time, process permits faster and get citizens in and out quicker.   

Plan Review


Setting up reviews, whom they are assigned to and the due dates, are easy and can be automated with the creation of the permit.  You can easily track user comments, due dates and the process of the permit along its due course to getting the project on its way.



Automatically configure inspections based on permit type.  Track the complete inspection process and easily see what still needs to be completed for each project.  Schedule your inspections across multiple calendars.


Easily connect into PermitTrax with our Mobile Application for the iPad to complete your Inspections in the field.

Code Enforcement

Easily track Code Enforcement Cases and easily report on the complete case file.  Attach documents, images or correspondence letters.  Easily track open cases.  Each case can be associated to Address and Parcels that can be viewed as a history.


With our integrated security system, you can limit who can view your code case files.



From tracking Business License, Pet License, Health Permits and License - PermitTrax can do them all.  Custom configured to how you track your License, built to order.


Automate the Renewal Process annually, quarterly or monthly.  Process renewal letters that can be easily tri-folded for windowed envelopes.


Through our Citizens Connect portal, easily setup renewals to cut down on the data processing.

GIS / Mapping

Visual representation of your jurisdiction is helpful and creates less mistakes when issuing land use permits.  With PermitTrax you can connect to ESRI ArcGIS for Server or ArcGIS Online.  Serve up as many GIS Layers as you want.  Easily connect parcel data and start a new permit from a selected parcel on the map.


Draw easily on the map and print it out to a PDF.  Measure distance in many different styles and easily change your base map.


View the legend of your mapping layers.  It is just easy!



A complete Cashiering module is included with PermitTrax allowing you to pay-in-full, take partial payments, refund over-payments and make adjustments as needed.  Easily track GL accounts for each payment with an automated export of your daily cashier transactions nightly to be imported into your Financial System.


Easily configurable receipts and connection with Receipt Printers and Cash Drawers.


Take Credit Card payments right through PermitTrax!



PermitTrax is configured with many different reports to help you get to the data you need.  Each report can be filtered and drilled-down to just the information needed.


If our reports don't do the trick, use our Data Extractor where you can build an extractor to get to the data you need and export easily as a Microsoft Excel file.  Need something more specific, we can custom build reports to any specification.


You can even save filtered reports to easily recall them when needed again.

Permit Statistics


It is always good to have an outlook and view the status of what is going on within PermitTrax.


Using the built-in Statistics page, you can view the overall status of what is being processed within PermitTrax and easily drill-down to each permit type and date range.  Find out how many permits, valuations and total time spent.


Its great to see the whole picture!

And Much More...

I am impressed that you made it this far, that was a lot of reading!


You have to agree, PermitTrax does a lot and can help you improve your processes and procedures.  Bring in multiple departments where everyone can communicate and work together for the common citizen.  The information above just scratches the surface of what this system can do.  Many features have been added to this system to make your job easier.


Susan Beeman at the City of Cheney, Washington said, "...I estimate we are turning out permits in roughly 1/3 the amount of time required on our previous system."


But don't take her word for it.  Give us a call, we would love to show you PermitTrax and how it can solve many of your problems, speed up your work and most of all help each other communicate about all projects across all departments, even outside agencies.


Give us a call at (425) 367-4016, ask for a demo.