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Version 7.0 - Expected Release First Quarter 2023

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

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Bitco Software is dedicated to the users of our software. As the CEO and Developer of our tracking software PermitTrax, public portal Citizens Connect as well as our mobile application PermitTrax Mobile I find it necessary to always move forward and make sure that the software meets the expectations of our clients and the current status of technology.

PermitTrax was originally released on December 4th, 2004, and written in Visual Basic.NET using the Microsoft .NET Framework developed using ASP.NET. To make sure that our software wasn't left behind, PermitTrax Version 7.0 was completely rewritten in Microsoft C# as it was becoming the standard development language.

In the last 20 years since starting Bitco Software, we have used Microsoft Technologies while using the .NET Framework within ASP.NET and C# as our development base. Microsoft is no longer improving or continuing development with the .NET Framework and in the last 5+ years, Microsoft has been developing new technologies for better, faster, and more secure applications that has been called .NET Core. The latest version of .NET Core is the new .NET 6 which was released at the end of 2021.

It is important to us here at Bitco Software, that the application that our users use and love is available for a long time. A lot of time and money is invested by our clients by implementing our software and integrating it into their day-to-day processes. Too many software packages are never maintained properly and become obsolete and customers have to go out and search for new software. At Bitco Software, we believe that is why you pay an Annual Maintenance Fee. We should be maintaining that software! There will be no additional cost to upgrade our existing customers to this new version of PermitTrax as it is covered in your maintenance.

So, with all of that said we decided to make sure that we rebuild PermitTrax from the ground up using the Microsoft .NET 6 technologies and developing our next version using the new technology called Blazor. The quick response and amazing tools with this new technology allows us to create a more rich and faster application than before.

As a software company, we feel that it is important to always focus on the software and services we provide. We have created a flat fee of $15,000 per year for our software as a complete suite of products which in turn creates a no-hassle software solution that includes an All-Inclusive services agreement where we help you manage and maintain the software at no additional cost. We wrote the software so you can use it and we hope that it makes your job easier and more productive.

We sent out a questionnaire this year asking our users how satisfied they were with the software and the support. The response was 95% Very Satisfied across the board. We asked a few clients what separates us from other software vendors and we were surprised when basically the same answer came from different clients - "It just works". Really? How do you incorporate that into your marketing material?

In conclusion, Bitco Software for the last year has been re-writing PermitTrax from the ground up using this new technology by Microsoft. Because the current ASP.NET technology is no longer being developed and enhanced and will be phased out in the future by Microsoft and will become old outdated technology, we want to make sure our customers are still able to do an efficient job while protecting the money they spent annually on maintenance is going towards a viable product for the future.

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