PermitTrax Suite Pricing

Network Hub and Cable

On Premise

You install the software on-site and maintain the hardware and provide the database SQL Server.  You are responsible for backups.  Purchased as a per-server license with no per user fees.


Per Year

Data Cloud

SaaS (hosted)

We host the software in the Cloud currently using Amazon AWS servers for cloud hosting.  We are responsible for the software, updates, backups and security.  Your fees cover the cost of the maintenance and hosting. There are no per user fees.


Per Year

Local Shop

Small City

Basic permitting ideal for small cities with little budgets.  PermitTrax for Small Cities is an out of the box tracking system ready to go within 24 hours.


Per Month

With all our pricing models you get the complete PermitTrax Suite which includes all products and services.  These are PermitTrax, Citizens Connect Portal, GIS Integration, LaserFiche Integration, Financial Exports, PermitTrax Mobile for the iPad and more.

Our solutions also include our All Inclusive service.  All updates, maintenance releases and support are included with the price.  No hourly fee for changes to the application if new configurations are necessary because of fee updates, changes in policy or procedures (except for small city).