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Business Licensing

Renew and issue business licenses to business owners, sort documents, and accept online and over-the-counter payments.

Business Colleagues

PermitTrax was created with powerful capabilities designed to simplify the management of planning and zoning permits:

  • Efficient Application Submission: PermitTrax streamlines the process of submitting business license applications. Business owners and applicants can provide essential information such as business type, location, ownership, and supporting documentation electronically.

  • Document Management: PermitTrax can help facilitate the review and management of submitted documents. City officials can easily access and review the documentation to ensure compliance with local regulations and ordinances.

  • Inspection Management: For businesses requiring inspections, PermitTrax simplifies the process. It enables scheduling, tracking, and recording safety, health, or environmental inspections, ensuring full compliance.

  • Automated Fee Calculation: PermitTrax can automate the calculation of business license fees. This feature considers various factors, including application fees, renewal fees, and other charges, ensuring accurate and efficient fee management.

  • Online Fee Payment: Business owners can conveniently make online payments for their license fees through the Citizens Connect portal. This feature can be integrated into the application process or offered as a separate step for user convenience.

  • Streamlined License Approval: PermitTrax streamlines the approval process for business licenses. It will help ensure that all requirements are met, fees are paid, and licenses are efficiently approved and issued.

  • Robust Document Archiving: PermitTrax provides a secure repository for all documentation, including applications, supporting documents, and issued licenses. This ensures thorough record keeping as part of city records management.

  • Enforcement Workflow: PermitTrax can support enforcement actions when businesses fail to comply with local laws. It helps city officials manage the enforcement process efficiently.

  • Public Access Portal: PermitTrax offers a public access portal, allowing individuals to verify the legitimacy of businesses operating within the city. This feature enhances transparency and public engagement.

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