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Building Permits

Accept and issue complete building permits online, conduct mobile inspections in the field, and notify applicants when their permit or inspection status changes. 

Construction worker putting up house framing

Discover the capable features of PermitTrax, designed to streamline the process of managing building permits:

  • Easy Application Submission: Easily submit building permit applications with detailed project information, including plans and relevant documents.

  • Streamlined Document Review: PermitTrax facilitates the review of submitted documents by city officials to ensure compliance with codes, regulations, and safety standards.

  • Accurate Fee Assessment: PermitTrax calculates permit fees based on project parameters such as scope, type, size, and valuation.

  • Convenient Fee Payment: Effortlessly conducted required payments, including processing fees, permit fees, and additional charges.

  • Swift Permit Issuance: Upon approval and payment, PermitTrax can issue building permits, granting construction permission.

  • Productive Site Inspections: Schedule and manage site inspections with ease, ensuring compliance with approved plans and local regulations.

  • Comprehensive Inspection Reports: Generate detailed inspection reports, highlighting compliance or suggesting corrections as needed.

  • Effective Correction and Reinspection: Seamlessly address issues identified during inspections, scheduling reinspection to ensure corrections are completed.

  • Thorough Final Inspection: PermitTrax facilitates comprehensive final inspections to ensure project adherence to standards for occupancy or use.

  • Certified Occupancy: Upon successful final inspection, generate a Certificate of Occupancy signifying compliance for safe occupancy or use.

  • Effortless Document Archival: PermitTrax archives essential documents, plans, and inspection reports for future reference and compliance tracking.

  • Simple Project Closeout: Manage the completion of city processes and conclude the building permit journey seamlessly with PermitTrax.

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