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What is PermitTrax?

PermitTrax is a Web Based application that runs completely in a web browser utilizing Microsoft technologies for providing a complete solution for tracking government regulated processes in an easy to use format.  PermitTrax is intuitive and easy to use with our simple interface allowing for multi-tasking in a way not seen by other permit software products.

PermitTrax uses a unique design where we can configure the system to meet your needs of processes and procedures and helping you become more efficient in serving your citizens.



Using a simple user interface utilizing a users dashboard to show all assigned reviews, historical reference of viewed permits and user notifications.  Users have the ability to change the colors of the environment they need to work in.


​Assign reviews to your users with optional emailed notifications of assigned reviews.  Integrated review clock for tracking the review process.  Integrated electronic plan review all done within the web browser with ePlanSoft's e-PlanREVIEW.


​Calculation of permit fees based on permit type and data from custom fields or valuation.  Take payments using our cashier module.  Easily take credit card payments with convenience fees automatically added if required.  Generate an online invoice for customers to pay only a partial payment.​


​Easily attach any type of document or image to any permit, parcel, address or contractor in the system.  You can even make those attachments private and not visible to the public.


​With our integrated document editor, we can create and generate any kind of document merged with data.  These include Permits, License, Letters and Certificates.​


Communicate with other members of your team by adding messages on permits as well as adding messages to address, parcels or contractors that would be inherited by a new permit.  Put a lock or hold on a permit to prevent anyone from doing something until something has occured.


Easily clone an existing permit into a new permit without having to spend time re-entering all the same data. ​​


​Track all the required inspections.  Schedule inspections and enter comments as well as images of inspection results.  Track your inspection time allowing you to run reports on total times.


Utilize our PermitTrax Mobile application built for the Apple iPad to do inspections in the field.  The mobile application downloads all the daily inspections to the iPad where you then go out and do your inspections.  If your iPad is directly connected to the internet with mobile access, inspection data is uploaded directly in real time as you complete you work.  If no internet is available, the data is uploaded once an internet connection is available.  Enter your inspection comments, take pictures and mark them up in the field.  View permit data, messages and download attachments like plans in the field.  Cancel inspections and Re-Schedule them directly from the iPad.  Email your comments along with images directly to the client right from the iPad.


Using an published ESRI Feature layers, you can easily integrate GIS into PermitTrax.  Using the GIS features in PermitTrax, you can verify that a property exists within your jurisdiction and start the permit process directly from the map.


​PermitTrax comes with our standard reports as well as our proprietary Data Extractor.  Build a report with the data you want and filtered.  Export the data directly as an Excel Spreadsheet or view them on the GIS Map.  Once configured, go back often to run the data extractor to get the data you need.  Monthly or Annual reports are now easy to run at the touch of a button.


​Allow the citizens to participate in the permit process or even find out what is happening in their neighborhood using our Citizens Connect portal.  Citizens can search for existing permits, apply for new permits, request inspections, make payments on existing permit and upload documents and plans.  All of these are 24/7 and accessible to the citizen.​  Utilizing our Active Permits Map, citizens can see where the work is being done on a map.  Cut down on public records requests by allowing the permit information to be public and accessable.

Watch a short video about PermitTrax

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