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PermitTrax is a complete suite of modules to help with the tracking of permits from application to final inspection.  Track building permits, land use applications, code enforcement, public works, business license, special events, fire permits and more.  PermitTrax is a highly configurable system to meet your needs and how you process applications and how you need to track them.


The Citizens Connect portal is included in the PermitTrax suite allowing your citizen to easily view the status of permits, request online inspections, upload files and plans and even apply and pay for permits online.

Citizens Connect gives your citizens the tools to be more efficient during the permitting process both for you and them.


Using the PermitTrax Mobile Application on the Apple iPad makes performing inspections easy and efficient.  Synchronize all your inspections for the day using either the store and forward method or connecting online through a cellular connection device pushing and pulling online data live and in the moment.  Email your comments along with marked up images directly from the application.


We have partnered with ePlanSoft with a seamless integration of Electronic Plan Review.  Citizens can upload files directly through our Citizens Connect online portal.  Easily setup an Electronic Plan Review project where users can perform an electronic plan review right in the Web Browser.  Create your comment letters and marked up plans and then push them back to the customer with ease.


We can easily convert your existing legacy data so you can have that history available in PermitTrax.  Data Conversion can be done periodically to update parcel and contractor data.


PermitTrax is an All-Inclusive license to use the software and access to our services without any extra cost.  Your license and maintenance is an annual fee.  You don't have to worry about budgets, adding new features or new license.  It is all included as a suite as well as training, implementation, data conversions, support and continuing maintenance of the design and configuration.  PermitTrax is a tool to help you do your job, let us help you be efficient at it.

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