Whether you are remodeling your current home or building a completely new one, you will need a building permit.

What exactly is a building permit? A building permit allows you to legally begin construction on your home. Having a permit ensures your project has met the required specifications and building codes for your city or jurisdiction. It also means your home improvement project is safe and compliant.

What kind of projects need building permits? You will need a building permit for any projects that are additions - such as adding an attached guest house, any new buildings, any renovations - such as a kitchen expansion, any electrical or plumbing projects, any load bearing wall removals and any major design changes. If you are unsure if your project will need a building permit, contact your local building department.

Lastly, why are building permits important? They are critical to ensuring the work being completed in or around your home will be done with safety being the biggest priority. But also, having a building permit keeps your contractor honest. These permits require your contractor to complete their work using safe and sound methods and materials. This is because building permits often require inspections to be completed throughout the construction process. Building permits are also valuable for when it comes time to resell a home. Having the necessary permits to account for your home help make the sale proceed much more smoothly.

In todays' modern age, permit tracking for numerous large cities, counties, and states have moved from paper to online. These land management suits used by larger jurisdictions are often times way out of budget for smaller jurisdictions.

This begs the question, is there an online permit tracking solution for the little guys that will not break the bank?

PermitTrax for Small Cities will be that solution. A full featured Land Management suite targeted specifically to these smaller jurisdictions that includes PermitTrax for tracking all your permits, our public portal Citizens Connect, and full access to PermitTrax Mobile application for doing inspections in the field.

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With the state of where we are in the world today it has become more apparent to many local jurisdictions that communication with citizens have gone from face-to-face to communicating through email and over the phone. PermitTrax can help with our Citizens Connect online portal letting the citizen view permits, schedule inspections, upload files and plans as well as apply online. You can easily request payments from citizens using Citizens Connect.

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