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Tom Meagher, Permit Technician - City of North Bend, Washington

We have used the Bitco Software PermitTrax system for six years now, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality, comprehensive permit tracking system.


It has been easy to use, comprehensive, and without flaws since we started the system in 2/2009. The technical support has been excellent: fast, personable, and competent. In my opinion, we couldn’t be happier with this system.

Amy Donlan, Permit Center Supervisor - City of Black Diamond, Washington

PermitTrax is the glue that pulls all our permitting information for multiple departments into one logical place and easy to use database.


For us, transitioning from a paper system to an electronic system was like jumping 20 years forward in technology, but without all the pain of trial and error product development. The system meets our needs now and is ready to grow as we grow.

Susan Beeman, GIS / Permit Technician - City of Cheney, Washington 

I want to thank you for making Cheney’s transition to PermitTrax so painless! The data conversion was clean and complete; setting up PermitTrax to incorporate our forms & processes went quickly and easily.


I especially appreciated the degree of communication we enjoyed with Bitco during the conversion process; questions and problems were addressed quickly.


Working through issues and training with shared web sessions was very effective, as were the regular phone and email communications. You obviously have a great deal of experience in the building & permitting arena, and your suggestions enabled us to amend our work flows in ways that made sense, without completely overhauling our own systems.


As a veteran of at least four different software conversion projects with the City of Cheney in the past 25 years, I can tell you that this was the least "buggy," the most painlessly accomplished, and the conversion project with the fewest unexpected twists & turns!


The way PermitTrax uses dynamic links to the L&I database and to our County GIS records has cut our permit processing time dramatically – at this point, I estimate we are turning out permits in roughly 1/3 the amount of time required on our previous system. Training new PermitTrax users has gone smoothly, too.


The user interface is clean and intuitive, making users able to navigate the system comfortably in a minimal amount of time. We are pleased to be expanding our use of PermitTrax beyond construction permits and business licenses, incorporating its use for numerous types of access permits, commercial landscape disposal permits, hydrant water use, code enforcement cases, and so on.


Having all our plan reviews and inspections visible in one location is great! We especially like the ability to "associate" permits from various departments or divisions, so you can see – at a glance – all the current permitting activities related to development at a single address.


We are very pleased with our choice of PermitTrax, and look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with Bitco!

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