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Founded in December of 2002, Bitco Software, LLC set to out to change the way government and software were brought together. Cory Jorgensen, Founder and President, began the development of PermitTrax™.  It started as a simple permit tracking system, and while it has maintained its air of simplicity, it continues to grow and evolve with our clients.
Today, PermitTrax™ is a complete Land Management system packaged as a suite of applications. This includes permit, license, and code/case tracking, a robust reporting engine, GIS integration, a complete integration with electronic plan review, and much more. 
“We want to do things different.”  To provide a better system and better experience we must do everything different. This ideal influences the way we package, market, sell, implement, and support. It also impacts how we maintain and continue to improve the system. Our proven track record is simple; 20 years of happy clients.


Another way we are different is that we charge a flat fee for our license and maintenance with no extra or hidden fees. The annual fee includes the license for the complete suite including PermitTrax, Citizens Connect portal and our mobile application, PermitTrax Mobile. This fee also includes the full implementation of the software, data conversion, training, and includes unlimited users.

Once you are up and running live, our maintenance also covers all support requests for modifications and added features as they are needed. We call this our All-Inclusive customer model of success. Your success is our success!

Bitco Software strives to impress simplicity, automation, and efficiency.  Keeping systems and processes easy helps us spend time doing what is important, improving the software and users' experience. Doing so empowers our customers to improve their processes and their customers' experience.  
You can download our product guide that includes information about our product, screen shots, pricing, system requirements and a complete list of our customers for reference. Feel free to give any of them a call and ask how they like using PermitTrax and working with Bitco Software. Transparency is one of our superpowers.
Let us provide the software and service you deserve!




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Senior Business Analyst

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