About Bitco Software

Founded in December of 2002, Bitco Software, LLC set to out to change the way government and software were brought together.  It was at that time that Cory Jorgensen, Founder and President, began the development of PermitTrax™.  It started as a simple permit tracking system, and while it has maintained its air of simplicity, it has grown with our clients.
Today, PermitTrax™ is a Complete Land Management system packaged, for our clients, as a complete suite of applications including: permit tracking, license tracking, code/case tracking, a robust reporting engine, GIS, integration with electronic plan review, and much more. 
“We want to do it different.”  And what he means by “it” is everything.  To provide a better system and better experience we have to do everything differently.  It started with the development of our system, which influences the way we package, market, sell, and implement it.  It also impacts how we maintain and continue to improve the system.

We at Bitco Software strive to impress simplicity, automation and efficiency.  Keeping systems and processes easy helps us spend time doing what is important.  We use our time to improve the software and users experience so you can improve your processes and improve your customers experience.
To keep things simple we implement different pricing strategies, implementation and sales.  Our customers can speak on our behalf as to our success and track record.  Feel free to call any of them and get their opinion.
Let us provide the software and service you deserve!

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